Self Portrait

Title: Self Portrait
Year: 2011
Medium: Digital
Size: 8.5″ x 14″
Notes: This piece was an exercise applying new techniques I recently learned for digital painting, in particular when applied to portraits.  I thought it would be wise to try this out on a portrait of myself before applying it to a family member, friend, or client.  In the end it was a wonderful opportunity to experiment with brushes I hadn’t used before and learn to create digital portraits more efficiently.  I was also surprised by much of what I’ve learned from traditional oil painting worked for the digital medium – it really goes to show how interconnected the disciplines of art are!

I’ve also included the draft sketch as a before-and-after glimpse at my process.  It also served as the first layer of the painting.  Big thanks to my friends and fellow classmates, especially Ideation: AAU’s Production Art Community, for their excellent feedback to help kick this up a notch!