We are visual people.  The reason “a picture is worth a thousand words” is because there is no more efficient way to communicate an idea than by illustrating it.  Whatever your ideas is, nothing can unify people around a central theme like images.

Now, the trick is finding someone with the talent, research skills, organization, communication, and execution to see your project through to the end and surpass your expectations.  Consider hiring an artist experienced with coordinating critical, complex, and timely projects.  Consider someone adept at working remotely and in person, on a team and autonomously.  Consider an artist trained to listen to you and transform your ideas into art.

I have developed a process informed by experience coordinating research coupled with traditional artistic collaboration.  The following an outline of what you can expect in the process and what it would be like to work with me:

  • Consultation
    • I will meet you in person or conference remotely, in order to understand your vision and needs.
    • I will also take the time to outline the steps necessary to see the project to completion, understand your budget and timeline, explore the “mood” and “personality” of the project, what medium and format is required, and propose options to bring your ideas to life.
    • This initial discussion helps us determine the scale and complexity of the project.  It also eliminates unnecessary revisions, saving you both time and money.
  • Drafting
    • I create preliminary sketches based on our discussion, any images you have for reference, and my own research.
    • I choose the best sketches and submit them to you for feedback. At this conference, the initial ideas are illustrated and we can focus on what needs to be changed before time and expense are invested in details.
  • Refinement
    • I submit my work to you for feedack.
    • I update the artwork up to a more refined level based on your feedback (if needed).
  • Finishing Touches
    • I add the final touches and deliver the final art to you upon the agreed upon deadline and in the specified format (original or digital copy).
  • Follow-up
    • A week following project completion, I touch base to ensure that your project was a success and exceeded your expectations.

Every project is different, and I am happy to delve into much greater detail when meeting for the first time, via a web-conference, or by phone.  Please feel welcome to contact me to arrange a free consultation.