100 Days of Creating

There is so much art I’d like to share, so many projects I want to talk about.

Usually, I don’t share them because I just haven’t made it a habit (okay that’s what I tell myself, but to be brutally honest, it’s kinda scary to put myself out there). There is this fear of failure, being found out as a fraud, of other people’s reactions, of making something that I’m not proud of, of not producing enough or consistently, and even fear of success lurking under the surface. So many reasons not to step out of the comfort zone. 

As artists, showing the actual process of creating and how we feel can be really messy, make us vulnerable, and be crazy-making if we hang too much of our ego on the results.

But that’s not how we grow.

And I want to be free with my art. I want to let the wind pick up these sheets of paper in my hands and lift them into the air. 

So I’m joining #The100DayProject focusing on #100DaysofArting. I’m a bit late to the game, the major thrust of the project began on April 6th, so I’ll be going on a little longer than those who started on time. But for 100 days, starting tomorrow, from April 17 – July 25, I will create and share one piece of art, however unpolished it is. Not with an end result in mind, but simply to get in the habit of putting my art out there and celebrate the process of showing up before the blank page (or screen) on a daily basis.

I’m scared, but I’m also excited!

If you’d like to follow along my hundred day adventure, I’ll chronicle it on Instagram: @alexbondart

And if you’d like to join me with your own version of #The100DayProject, Elle Luna has all the information and inspiration you need here or you can follow the instructions below… 


I’ll leave you now with one of my favorite, most inspiring, talks on the creative process:

Happy 100 of Creating!