“Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel”

Last month I received an invitation from Daniel Cooney  to contribute a few of my clothing studies in his new book for Barron’s Educational series titled Figure Drawing for Comics and Graphic Novels.  Specifically, he asked for permission to use some of my work in his section on clothing folds.

Dan is an accomplished comics writer and illustrator and teaches writing and drawing comics in the Academy of Art University’s Illustration department.  Quarto Publishing in London is well-reputed and has produced helpful artistic instruction books.

Needless to say, it’s my great pleasure to contribute to this project and I’m delighted to be be sharing pages with such an amazing artist who has published such excellent work such as Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel: Everything You Need to Know to Create a Great Work and Get It Published.

We discussed three of my illustrations with Quarto Books and the two below were selected for inclusion:

I’ve reviewed sample proofs and it loos like a very comprehensive book, more so than typical figure drawing books which tend to skimp on how clothing interacts with the body.  Dan covers a lot of ground, explains key concepts attentively, and includes clear examples of every point he illustrates.  He’s an engaged and enthusiastic teacher in person, and I can ell that his instructional writing is informed well by his experience instructing students.

Study of Halflock Folds in KhakiesSuit Study in Pencil

The book is due for release later this year in fall 2012.  I’ll post an update this fall when the book is out!